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Question for you
Does your website pay for itself?  I am asking because, if your website isn’t bringing you clients or building your list then, I am sorry to tell you this, but you have probably wasted your time and money.  And that’s so wrong and so unnecessary!

Every week I see beautiful websites that cost their owner a great deal of money (and let’s not forget how many days and weeks) and they simply aren’t achieving these things.

What is missing is a results-based digital strategy.  And that's what Virtual Kiwi are all about and we thrive on it .... we create the digital strategy (that matches your business goals) and work with you to drive more sales and leads. Period.

And – just so you know – there are a few things that we don’t do.  For example, we don’t build websites.  And the reason for this is quite simple – like any construction project there are lots of people with differing skills and contribution.  Our strength is in leadership and providing the overarching plan/framework to make it all come together.

We get excited seeing thriving businesses get more leads and sales. We get excited knowing our work paid for itself and seeing business owners freeing up their time.
What Is Your Goal?
  1. I want to generate more leads
    Is your website not preforming? Do you need help creating an authority website to generate more leads and close more sales? Do you need better qualified leads?
  2. I want to sell my products & services
    Selling online can be complicated or easy - we can create the perfect sales solution for you
  3. I need hands-on help
    Wearing too many hats? Don't have the time or people with the right skills to manage your online world? We can definitely lighten the load and be trusted to deliver.
  4. I want to reduce errors & free up my time
    Fed up wasting time on tedious tasks - let us put your business on auto-pilot.
Or maybe you need help with all of it...
Problems We Solve
  1. Raising your business profile
    We build you an action plan designed to increase conversions using a 7 part conversion checklist
  2. Works on all devices
    A fully mobile responsive site that works on all browsers, computers, phones and tablets.
  3. A conversion first focused website
    We check your website copy, structure and user flow to ensure that it will generate you leads and sales
  4. Integration & automation
    Full integration with your marketing tools and CRM to improve marketing consistency
  5. Establish your credibility
    We set you as an expert and authority in your industry.
  6. Getting the right leads
    Qualify leads more effectively and save time trying to sell to people that will never buy
  7. Making sense of analytics
    Tracking & measurement so you can make educated business decisions based on what's working and what's not
  8. Get found
    Get found by people looking for your products or services in search engines. Ensure that they find your business and not your competitions.
  9. Expertise across all areas digital
    Expertise across a a wide range of digital skill sets: design | user experience | analytics | search engine optimisation and marketing | social | marketing | testing | project management | product development | business analysis
  10. Affordable monthly plans
    Spread the cost of your investment over 3, 6 or 12 months
Our Services

A digital strategy is a road map to better sales and business.  Without it your website and social media are directionless.

Digital strategy


Systems development

We look at the big picture and produce a strategy to aligns your social and website presence to your business goals.

Additionally we will create an prioritiesd plan of action with specific deliverables and goals that you and your people can work through.

In this way you will have a provide a clear roadmap for achieving improved leads and sales.

Virtual Kiwi are experienced digital coaches.

Having a plan is not enough and coaching can help hugely, ensuring that you stay on track and get the results necessary to grow your business.

We follow a 7 point plan each time we meet to understand the analytics, current priorities and sticking points.

Building your business is not easy.

Your to-do list can be endless. Getting your brand noticed, growing an audience and closing sales is hard. But once you have that sale you need the right systems and processes in place to wow your customers and scale your business.

It takes focus and time to automate systems and improve them.  With our help you can save time and reduce errors. 

Product development

User experience / testing

Hands on

We are experienced developing products and product sets for both online and offline sales and have some impressive results to share with you. 
Our team can thoroughly test the user journey throughout your site and ensure that there are no drop off points or barriers to closing your sales and inquiries.
We check across multiple browsers and devices to ensure that all customers enjoy a pain-free experience.
We can provide practical assistance with:
  1. content updates / content writing
  2. social media updates
  3. minor graphics 
  4. being found by search engines
  5. search engine marketing
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